"Cleansing & Uplifting" Crystal Kit

This kit is made up of 5 different healing crystals: one raw piece of flat lepidolite, one raw amazonite chunk, one smooth K2 azurite tumble, one desert rose selenite ball and one smooth shungite nugget.  These stones were selected to cleanse and uplift your spirit, aura & self energy and also comes with our in-depth Healing Properties Write-Up for each crystal.

Healing Crystal Quick Summary: 1.) Lepidolite - calms anxieties & helps with depression.  2.) Amazonite - great for chakra balancing & helps with physical ailments.  3.) Desert Rose Selenite - used for charging & cleansing.  4.) K2 Azurite - opens one to Universal wisdom & a clearing of cluttered thoughts.  5.) Shungite - is a protective stone & restores emotional balance.