Crystal Coin Kit

This crystal kit includes 8 natural healing crystal coins: dragon blood jasper, bloodstone, aventurine, rhodnite, tigers iron, white howlite cracked agate and jasper.  The kit also comes with our in-depth Healing Properties Write-Up for crystal and a velvet drawstring logo pouch.

Healing Crystal Quick Summary: 1.) Dragon Blood Jasper - encourages spiritual growth & self-healing.  2.) Bloodstone - an excellent blood cleanser & increases creativity.  3.)  Aventurine - good for balancing the nervous system, stability & inflammation.  4.) Rhodnite - emits an energy of balance clearing emotions & known as a stone of compassion.  5.) Tigers Iron - encourages mental clarity, health and personal power.  6.) White howlite - a calming stone & encourages emotional expression.  7.) Cracked Agate - heals emotional/physical wounds & helps one to commune with nature. 8.) Jasper - helps one sustain through times of stress & brings tranquility and wholeness.