Crystal Points Kit

This kit includes 7 points: one point of clear quartz, one point of citrine, one point of tigers eye, one point of bloodstone, one flat point of labradorite, one selenite tower point and one large amethyst point.  Each kit also comes with our in-depth Healing Properties Write-Up for each crystal and a velvet logo drawstring pouch.

Healing Crystal Quick Summary: 1.) Clear Quartz - a powerful energizer/amplifier bringing forth protection & balance.  2.) Citrine - a cleanser of negative energies.  3.) Tigers Eye - emits a gentle grounded energy.  4.) Bloodstone - an excellent blood cleanser & increases creativity.  5.) Labradorite - good for change, strength & perseverance.  6.) Selenite - a powerful charger.  7.) Amethyst - brings forth spiritual contentment & mental sobriety.