Seed Bead Kits (Size 8)

Each Kit includes four 10g bags of Miyuki Seed Beads size 8.

1.) Blue & Purple Seed Bead Kit: The colors are solid lavender, translucent blueish purple with a clear outside, blue with a metallic peacock matte finish and royal blue with a shiny mirror outside.

2.) Blue & White Seed Bead Kit: The colors are solid white, translucent sky blue, clear with a baby blue inside and light blue with a shiny blue mirror inside.

3.) Bronze Seed Bead Kit: The colors are: a golden bronze metallic finish, maroon with a metallic matte finish, an orangie-bronze color with a golden mirror inside and a brick red bronze with a golden mirror inside.

4.) Green & Teal Seed Bead Kit: The colors are: solid kelly green, translucent forest green with a slight metallic finish, solid sea foam green and a teal with a metallic matte finish.